Although usually Violet would snap at someone hovering at her shoulder, observing, his concern was touching, and so she forced a few deep breaths and a friendly smile and turned to face him once more. “I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s okay. Thank you for bringing me back. Are you alright? You look worse than I feel.”

Castiel inclined his head, “I am…well enough. I left Heaven under duress, my wings are still recovering. That is perhaps another reason the flight was rough I apologise.”
He looked at the car and back at her, “Do you…Are you…Where will you go now?”

I believe it’s what you would call a tragedy from the human perspective.


Violet stumbled forward and into the car, having to steady herself on the bonnet to prevent collapse. Jesus, she didn’t know what that bloody angel had done but her head felt weird as fuck.

"Well, sweetheart, that was- I feel really freakin’ dizzy but this is definitely my girl. Cheers, I think. If I don’t have concussion."

Castiel shifted his weight, “I, uh…I apologise.”
He cleared his throat, “I am…unused to carrying passengers…”
Unsure as to whether or not he should attempt to check her well being, he hovered anxiously.


Me: Castiel is an angel warrior of heaven, a seraph. He’s strong and smart as hell and could kick anyone’s ass any day of the week. I can’t list all the times he was in an uneven fight and his intellect and strategy skills got him out of it. He’s a total genius and a badass to boot.




Violet was startled by the extension of his arm, automatically flinching back; however, after taking a deep breath she squeezed her eyes shut and pictured her car, leaning into his fingertips.

Attaching to her being through his fingertips, Castiel unfurled his wings, called up the image of Violet’s car and took off.
He landed, what to her, would be instantaneously beside her vehicle and brought his hand back to his side, “This is your car?”


I don't fight anymore. I watch the bees.


"And how exactly would you give me a lift? I have a car, but it’s a couple of miles that way…" Her eyebrow raised. "I don’t see anything you could give me a lift on, unless you’re suggesting a piggyback, but if you could get me back to my car somehow that’d be great.”

He seemed awkward, this angel - almost lonely. She supposed if you were cast out by all your family and they were all you’d ever known you wouldn’t exactly have people to turn to.

Castiel hesitated before continuing, “I have…Wings.”
Extending his hand towards her forehead, he paused, “I will take you to your car, you just need to picture it for me so I can see what it looks like.”

what’s a game of chance to you?


A shrug rippled across her shoulders - after the failed hunt she’d simply wandered in frustration, with no sense of direction whatsoever. “I don’t have a clue. Maybe back to my motel room so I can get some rest before going after that bastard again, maybe I’ll just skip town as I’m not exactly at my best.”

He hesitated before speaking, “I can offer you a…lift. If it would be convenient for you.”
He shifted his vessels weight from one foot to the other, “I do not have anywhere I need to be after all.”